5 year old acting out and pooping
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    Default 5 year old acting out and pooping

    My 5 year old is potty trained and has had very good behavior the past years. Last year he want to Pre-K and did wonderful.
    Now my 5 year old boy is in Kindergarten and for the past 3 weeks he has been having accidents at school every day and has been acting out.
    Anyone have any advice? He is 5 and is non verbal, he is very nice and I know is not a frustration issue. Also when I try to put him on timeout he just laughs, I keep my composure the entire time. I just don't know why he is acting out. We did move, this weekend but his behavior started 2 weeks before the move.

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    Hi, Dad. You might want to post in the special needs forum here for some advice. As the mom of a full-time-diaper-wearing, non-potty-trained eleven-year-old with special needs, I'm not in a position to help. I do think this is a common problem with kids with special needs (which I assume is the case with your child, since you mentioned that he is non-verbal).

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