Beginning Writing - 1st/2nd grade
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    Default Beginning Writing - 1st/2nd grade

    My daughter does well with the phonics/reading part of T4L, but she really wants to write (not penmanship, but forming sentences, letters, and stories). She likes writing, but isn't able to write a complete sentence on her own yet. But I know she is ready to learn. We love the T4L videos and interactive activities. But unfortunately, I can't find any that teach this particular skill - beginning writing, starting with sentences. I looked at Time 4 Writing, but it looks a little advance. I mean with her speech/language delay, she would not even be able to pronounce declarative and interrogative. LOL

    I would love something simple, like the phonics lesson activities on T4L, to teach very basic things like:
    *what a sentence is
    *what a sentence needs to be complete -- capital letter at the beginning, punctuation at the end, and a subject and verb (the who and what they did parts)

    Once she understands those basics, THEN we can move into different types of sentences. Which she actually understands a little bit. But of course we would call them statements, questions, exclamations, or even something even more simpler like excited sentences).

    So how do you all begin to teach writing? We have workbooks, which she enjoys, and I can print worksheets online too. But would LOVE to add a little interactive-type video (like here on T4L) to that. It really helps her to understand the concepts better.

    I looked at all the language arts activities for 1st and 2nd grade (she was originally registered in 1st). I didn't (but will in a bit) look at the LA extensions for anything on writing in 2nd grade. Did not see any that I recall in the 1st grade part.

    Thanks for any suggestions!!


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    Default Re: Beginning Writing - 1st/2nd grade

    Hello, Rushell!

    Here's information about where to find the grammar lessons in Time4Learning.

    Does your daughter enjoy the Story Creator lessons? We discovered some Story Creator stories my fourteen-year-old wrote when she was seven!

    I have always had my kids keep a journal during the school year. I get a nice, hardbound blank book at Staples and they write anything they want in it, every day. I look at it every day and write comments in reply, without correcting grammar, spelling, or anything. For example, if she writes, "I plade dresup today" you might just reply, "I though you looked great in purple boots!"

    On Friday, I have my kids choose their favorite thing that they wrote that week and I help them re-write it with all of the correct spelling and punctuation, explaining the rules as we go along: "We begin people's names with capital letters." "We end most sentences with a period." "If a sentence asks a question, we end it with a question mark."

    I don't try teaching them any of the rules until I see something in their writing on Fridays that "breaks" the rule. Then I show them how to correct it and tell them what the rule is. We write any misspelled word in the back of the book and they draw a little picture next to it to remind them what it is (when they are your daughter's age).

    Sometimes I get "fancy" paper or search online for penmanship paper with special borders for them to do their Friday writing on. That way, they are writing every day, and they have one "perfect" paper each week.

    Realize that a seven-year-old might just write one sentence, and that is okay! When she's been at it for awhile, you can suggest that she try writing two sentences today.

    I would also continue considering Time4Writing. The lessons for the younger kids do take into account that they are younger and, even if you had to sit with her while she did her writing, it at least gives you a plan to follow. My own kids have absolutely loved getting feedback from a teacher besides mom, too.

    I hope this gives you some ideas!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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