Chapter tests 1st grade language artss, and possibly other subjects
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    Question Chapter tests 1st grade language artss, and possibly other subjects

    Can someone tell me how to get to the chapter tests? They are not at the end or anywhere on DD's dashboard. She is at chapter 3. No tests mentioned or taken. We did skip some lessons/activities that werent needed. And i know someone said something about taking a test to see if we can move on or skip over a chapter for topics mastered. How do i find the tests?

    In math she is almost at the end of ch 1, but i havent tried to find thd tests there yet. She has taken some quizzes in math though.

    Help? Thanks!

    Ps pls pardon typos, posted on my phone and was hard to see

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    There are no tests in first grade, although there are quizzes. Log in to your parent account and access the lesson plans for each subject. The quizzes are indicated by a green question mark in the "Lesson Type" column. If she has been doing the lessons in order, she probably has done some quizzes already.

    When you do reach a grade level that includes tests, they are chapter tests . . . so it won't be unusual to be "almost at the end of chapter 1" without having done any tests. The tests are at the end of each chapter. There are lesson quizzes througout.

    I hope this helps understand how the program is laid out. You might have run across my explanation in the forum already, but here it is, just in case:

    Clicking on a subject icon (like Math) is like opening a textbook. You will be taken to a page of icons representing chapters in the textbook.

    Clicking on one of the chapter icons takes you to a page of icons representing lessons in that chapter.

    Clicking on a lesson icon takes you to a page of icons representing lesson activities in that lesson.

    Clicking on a lesson activity icon finally gets you to an activity to do.

    If you are doing the program in sequence, always click on the first icon on the page that does not yet have a checkmark.

    Lesson quizzes are at the end or bottom of pages of lesson icons.

    Chapter tests are at the end or bottom of pages of chapter icons.

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