Considering LA grade 5 but have questions
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    Default Considering LA grade 5 but have questions

    Hey, I'm considering this for my son who struggles with coming up with ideas and writing stories, etc. I like the idea of teaching him grammar concepts on the computer because he loves being on the computer, but I also want him to write on pencil and paper. Does this program actually have them drafting stories on paper at the 5th grade level? Does it say give them a topic and then tell them to write a paragraph or more about certain topic to turn in to parent? Any comments about LA 5 greatly appreciated.

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    Hi! I think the language arts program is one of the best things about Time4Learning. The program includes Odyssey Writer, which is essentially a word processing program where students can do their writing assignments. The student "hands in" their completed assignment by clicking a "hand in" button, which causes it to appear in their report as a link. When the parent notices the writing assignment in the report, they print and grade it manually. There's no reason you couldn't have your child do the writing assignments with pencil and paper instead of online with Odyssey Writer.

    You might also be interested in Time4Writing, which is a separate program.

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