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    I'm just beginning my research on Homeschooling in TX. I was a CA public school teacher for 13 years and never thought I'd consider homeschooling but here I am. My first grade daughter suffers from anxiety and I'm not happy with the structure of the TX public school day. It has exacerbated her anxiety. So one question I have is, is it possible to get curriculum materials from the school district to check out for the year and Can I have her participate in part of public school activities?

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    Hi, Mokiehm! There is a difference between "homeschool" (where the parent is the teacher of record and directs the student's education) and public school at home. Many school districts provide public school at home options. Most of these are a combination of online lessons and textbooks. You just need to ask your school district if you might be interested in that option. Since the child is a public school student under this option, they can participate in school or extracurricular functions just like any student.

    If you choose to homeschool and direct your student's education yourself, you will want to familarize yourself with your state's homeschool laws. Texas is a pretty easy state in which to homeschool, and requires little interaction with the school district. I'm not a resident of Texas, but I found this online concerning homeschoolers and extracurricular activities in Texas. Unfortunately, it looks like it isn't one of the states (yet) that allows homeschooled students to participate in extracurricular activities.

    All the best to you as you seek out the best options for your daughter!

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