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    My son brought math homework and surprisingly, he didn't ask me for help because he's really smart and understands fact families forwards and backwards and that's great! But I don't! Well, I do now but I'm wondering... Did I forget what fact families are or are these new concepts? I'm 49 so that'll give a clue of when I was in first grade.

    So the next part of my question is where do I go to learn all the new concepts he's learning? He's obviously learning how to think about concepts rather than the rote memorization and repetetive drills that I remember--his schoolwork looks more fun than what I remember.


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    I don't think it is a new concept. Just new terminology. The best way I have found to learn things is to work along with my son. Most of it I already know, as I'm sure you do. We just have to remember what we learned so long ago. I've got ten years on you so it's been even longer since I was in first grade.
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