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    I just started using T4L. I have two going into 5th and one child going into 4th grade. I was looking at the lesson plans for their past 2 grades for Science and Social Studies, and a lot of things that were in past lessons they did not learn in public school. I would also like to get my 4th grader on the same grade level for Science and Social Studies. Do I cram in the two past grades before the school year starts officially for us? We started homeschooling last year and we bounced around on things that interested them. I was still figuring out what worked for us. I feel T4L would work out better for us, because then I would have at least a basic idea where to start teaching. I am so lost now and I feel that I am screwing up now.

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    Hi. Science and social studies are so huge and broad that no student in any school will ever study every science and social studies topic. Schools pick and choose the things they want to present, the order in which they are presented, and how in-depth to present each topic. As long as your kids are studying (and understanding) SOMETHING in science and social studies, they will be fine.

    Personally, I think a student could JUST go through all of the T4L MS science courses during their middle school years and have a better understanding of science topics than most students. Those courses are GREAT! If I were in your shoes, I would have my fourth grader do Nature of Science (which is a short course, so he/she would only be doing one or two lessons per week), plus "something else science-y" once a week or so. Here is a list of the animated science lessons. If he did one of those per week, that would just about get him through a school year. Animated Science Lessons

    If your upcoming fourth grader is a reluctant learner, you could go in the other direction and have him/her do the first and second grade science lessons (all animated), followed by the above list of animated lessons.

    I'd have my fifth grader do MS Earth/Space Science or MS Life Science (because MS Physical Science requires some math skills that many kids don't have until alter).

    Any child who does well on Time4Learning seventh grade social studies knows more American history than most adults. So any other social studies you do this year is sort of a bonus. You can either have them do the social studies on their grade level in sequence, or pick and choose chapters that you like. If I did that, I'd look for world history and maybe government or civics topics. If I had a reluctant learner, I'd choose topics he or she was interested in. You could also choose a grade level and have the kids do that one together, depending on their relationship. Mine loved that. There is nothing wrong with doing a different grade level because, with the social studies lessons, the difference is mostly in content . . . not difficulty. I have had much older students do the third grade social studies, and I highly recommend it for reluctant learners. I learned plenty with that course myself.

    I hope this gives you some ideas as to how to proceed. There is really no "right" way, so don't worry too much about messing up.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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