First Grade Frustrations
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Thread: First Grade Frustrations

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    Default First Grade Frustrations

    I feel like I am failing as a teacher. The first grader in our house is pretty decent at reading, but it is like she will not even try to learn more. We are having trouble with the sight words that I know she knows, but instead of reading them, she just looks at them and guesses what they are. Words like with, are, and, day, etc. I am clueless as how to proceed, I don't want to over discipline her and make it worse, nor do I want to coddle her and not have her learn anything. She is six and a half and reading at almost a kindergarten level due to her recent backslide, whereas before she was almost to a second grade level. I feel like I am at my wits end and do not know how to proceed. There are some concerns with dyslexia, and we are trying to set up an appointment to get her tested soon.

    Does any one have any tips on how to rectify this? Reading time cannot keep ending with her in tears and me frustrated.

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    She is really, really young. Many children aren't ready to read until they are at least eight. You might want to read Better Late Than Early by Raymond Moore and see if you agree with his philosophy, or if you recommend your daughter in his examples.

    Here is the Time4Learning Reading Skills Pyramid. It is a guide. All children are different.j

    My personal "homeschool mom" opinion is that the most important thing at this age is for her to LOVE readind! All of my kids have been early readers . . . except one! When she seemed to be struggling, I did things to make it enjoyable, such as have her read one page and I read the other ("shared reading") and I also just read aloud to her books that she would really enjoy, without pressuring her to read them, too. It's super important for kids to think of reading as a pleasure.

    Good luck to you both!
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