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    Default First Grade Language Arts and Language Art Extensions Compatibility

    My daughter has completed T4L Kindergarten and is ready to move on to First Grade. Upon reviewing the First Grade Language Arts and Language Arts Extensions curriculum, there appear to be some discrepancies with regard to reading level expectations and curriculum chronology. At the beginning of First Grade Language Arts, students are learning to read, but LA Extensions appears to expect students to not only be able read letter combinations not yet addressed in Language Arts, but also be able to form written responses on worksheets. Is there a reason these two subjects are arranged this way? I feel like I'm missing some information.
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    Default Re: First Grade Language Arts and Language Art Extensions Compatibility

    Hi, April. I have always suggested that first and second graders complete the core language arts curriculum before beginning language arts extensions. From third grade and up, language arts and language arts extensions can be done concurrently.

    The reason I suggest this is because the core language arts in first and second grade focuses on phonics and learning to read. The language arts extensions assume the student can read a bit.

    Also, both language arts and language arts extensions include assignments using Story Creator. These are beginners' "writing" assignments, where the student tells a story using pictures and whatever words they can manage yet. If you're doing language arts and language arts extensions at the same time, there will be many days the student has two Story Creator activities to do . . . which is too much for most kids to do their best.

    The last reason is because all of the language arts extensions are arranged around science and social studies themes. The first activity in each theme is actually a science or social studies lesson that introduces the theme. Designated science and social studies lessons are limited in first and second grade. If the student does the core language arts and all of the available science and social studies lessons during the first half of the year, they can do the language arts extensions during the final part of the year and the language arts extensions will act as language arts, science, and social studies.

    That plan has worked for us! Hope it help you decide what will work for you.

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