First Grade Social Studies?
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    Default First Grade Social Studies?

    Hi all!

    We've been using Time4Learning for the past two weeks and we love it, but I have a question. Social Studies shows up on our launch pad, but when I use the activity scheduler the First Grade Social Studies curriculum list is not being generated, even though I select it to add it to the list. When the activity calendar is generated, social studies does not show up in the subject drop down box at all. At first I thought I'd managed to overlook this when I generated the curriculum to begin with, so I just went in to the activity scheduler to generate a curriculum list just for social studies, and it goes through like it's generating a list, but then when the activity calendar pops up there is nothing there but the dates in the date drop down. So then I tried it again by generating a complete curriculum and specifically made sure I selected Social Studies, but same thing - Social Studies does not even show up in the drop down.

    She's only completed one chapter of Social Studies, but I want to make sure that if she's completing it it will show up as such.

    Can anyone tell me how I can get a curriculum list of this generated? It just helps with scheduling our days.


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    First and second grade social studies are combined, and there are only about thirteen lessons. Log in as a parent and take a look at the lesson plans. It will be easy for you to determine how to schedule the handful of social studies lessons without needing to use the activity scheduler.

    They should be showing up in the scheduler, though, so thank you for letting us know about this. I will report it, so it can be fixed.

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    i think all the socail studies are listed under 2nd grade. So I think you would need to have your child listed for 2nd grade SS to get it to come up under the activity scheduler.

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