First Year Homeschooling Mom of 3rd Grader in Virginia
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    Default First Year Homeschooling Mom of 3rd Grader in Virginia


    I have a few questions for moms who are already in "The Know-How", of Homeschooling. I was Home-Schooled 8th-12th Grade and graduated through the curriculum of Abeka. We had a test at the end of the year to determine if we moved on or not.
    Through this curriculum, which my daughter and I both love, its simple and easy. I'm wondering how I go about making it a curriculum that is accredited? I have been keeping record of everything and printing off her student records as well and dating everything. Do I take this to my local schoolboard? I wanted to know as to be sure.

    Also, what about SOLs?

    Thanks so much. I have been researching on my own, but its always nice to have an opinion from a real mom!


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    Hi, Kitty!

    A school can be accredited. A curriculum can't. A Beka offers both . . . a curriculum, where parents are the teacher of record . . . and a school, where A Beka employs teachers and other staff to determine requirements for students and keep "official" records. Of course, the "school" option is much more expensive, but some people choose that because it can be accredited and they feel it's more likely to be accepted by employers, other schools and colleges. (This is not necessarily true. Colleges actively recruit homeschooled students, and all fifty states allow a parent to issue a homeschool diploma to their own child.)

    There is no way to make Time4Learning or any other curriculum accredited. It sounds like maybe you are actually wondering how you can make sure you are homeschooling legally. Each state has its own homeschool laws. Many of them only want you to notify them that you are homeschooling. Others want your student to be tested each year or ever few years. A very few require that the teaching parent has a high school diploma, and there are other miscellaneous things various states list as requirements. None of them dictate what curriculum you must use. Time4Learning can be used in all fifty states. If by "SOLs" you mean "Standards of Learning" . . . T4L is aligned with all state standards.

    A quick check online of Virginia homeschool laws shows that you do need to notify each year . . . approval is automatic . . . you need to submit a list of the subjects you intend to teach (a description is not required) . . . you need to have a high school diploma, GED, or choose among many other options to prove you can teach . . . and you do need to have your child tested or choose from among many other options to assess their progress. You can Google "Virginia Homeschool Laws" to learn more.

    Students who are enrolled in an online school do not pay attention to the homeschool laws, because an online school or accredited program isn't "homeschooling". Time4Learning is not an online school.

    I hope this helps make it clearer. Please let us know if you have any more questions . . . and we'd love to share more of your homeschooling journey in the general sections of this parent forum, too!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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