Getting the text to read out loud
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    Default Getting the text to read out loud

    Previously we were using Compass Odyssey for our younger children (we have 9, but only 7 are old enough for school). The text was read out loud during the tests. I downloaded the Natural Reader, not my favorite, but I noticed last week some tests are read out loud and other subjects it's not. Usually by 2nd grade my children are fine to read their own test questions, but my K & 1st graders can't. Are there any other options for other software, plans in the work to include the text/reader that Compass Odyssey already uses, etc? My oldest daughter started T4L last year and I swapped my other 6 over this year.


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    Default Re: Getting the text to read out loud

    Hi, Melissa. I clicked on a few of the kindergarten tests at random. They all have the option to be read aloud to the student. He or she just needs to click the little, tiny "speaker" icon at the top of the screen for each test question.

    If there are other activities at this lower level that don't seem to be read aloud, let me know the specific activity and I'll see if there's something missing. I don't recall my own kids needing to read the questions in pre-k, k, or first grades, but the developer is always adding lessons. They might have added some that need to be read.

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