is it good or bad to have joined classes?
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    Question is it good or bad to have joined classes?

    I don't know is it everywhere or not, but here in BC we have joined classes. I mean kindergarten + Grade 1 and Grade 1 + Grade 2.
    My son has small speach delay, so I'm worried was it good idea to leave him in kindergarten + Grade 1 for one more year (he just turn 6), he already passed this grade. I know that he is capable of much more. From other side I understand, that if he would appear in grade 1+ grade 2, he will not feel comfortable because of trouble with speech, because against the background of grade 2 he would feel himself lost. But otherwise if he could just attend usual grade 1 I'm sure it would be just right for him.

    What do you think about joined classes?

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    For many years classes were combined. Often smaller schools had grades 1 through 6 all together. I don't think it harmed the kids in any way. Sometimes combining classes allowed the fast kids to have more of a challenge. I think it can be a good idea. In many of the classes my son takes now the ages are combined. He leans a lot from the older kids.
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