Having trouble finding answer keys for 3rd grade quizzes (Science specifically atm)
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    Default Having trouble finding answer keys for 3rd grade quizzes (Science specifically atm)

    Hello. I am new to homeschooling, and think the Time4Learning courses are really good for the most part.

    One thing that is confusing to me though, is finding my way around all of the resources for parents. As a suggestion, I think those could be cleaned up a lot and would make all of this much easier to manage.

    That said, the one area I'm still having trouble figuring out, is how to print out answer keys. I went into Activity Scheduler, made a schedule, and I can see my daughter's grade on specific quizzes. I can click the score, and see the quiz she took and which questions she got wrong.

    However, I cannot for the life of me figure out where to find the answer key. I see an icon in the key at the start of her activity planner, but there is no clickable link or anything to answer keys that I can find. Am I missing something?

    She got 2 questions wrong on a science quiz today that I myself wasn't sure why they were wrong... I wanted to double check them and see what the correct answer was supposed to be.

    Thank you!


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    If you use the parent login, go to the lesson plans. In the lesson plans you will see an icon for each quiz. Next to the icon for the quiz there should be an icon for the answer sheet. The only problem is that a quiz is usually ten questions. There are usually 40 questions on the answer sheet. You have to sort through the 40 questions to find the ones that were used for your child's quiz.
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