Having trouble using mouse
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    Default Having trouble using mouse

    I have a question. We just started and I have noticed my son is having a hard time using the mouse. Is there a mouse out there for a 3yr old to use or will he get the hang of it before long?

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    There are many mouse alternatives available, but my preference has been to get my kids comfortable with the traditional style, so they can easily use any computer. Try searching for some coloring pages to color online, or search "mouse practice" for loads of options. You can also put him on a Paint program and let him draw with the mouse.

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    There are toddler mice out there. They come in bright colors a bit smaller for there tiny hands but they have only a 1 click function. I just looked them up though and it seems that most come with a keyboard combo. However the keyboards are extremely cute.

    Also I see no reason why laptap mice are not compatible with your desktop and they are smaller and have all functionality.

    The reason why I suggest getting the comfortable mouse for your child is because I am a very tiny mom and when I use the mouse alot my fingers ache from just trying to grasp the mouse. From someone who is still learning hand and eye coordination it could be very frustrating. I do not think though it would be detriment in any way though for your child to continue using the average mouse. Just more patience.
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