Help With 2nd Grade Creative Writing?
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    Default Help With 2nd Grade Creative Writing?

    Dear All,
    We are very satisfied users of T4L for our second grade girl. She is learning much better with this resource.

    The one area that we struggle with a lot are the writing lessons in Language Arts, and LA Extensions. She just has a very hard time with creative writing. Even when I try to feed her idea seeds for making up a short story she seems unable to think of any story line, or anything to write. Even when I review the story elements for her: Characters, character traits, problem, and problem solution, she seems unable to think of any story line, or anything to write.

    I have been around long enough to know that creative writing comes easy for some people, but almost impossible for others.

    Can you offer me any suggestions for how to get through these little creative writing lessons with more success?

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    I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the program. We have been satisfied users for six years now. My son struggled with writing. Actually he still does. For him writing on the computer was much better than writing on paper. Perhaps you could let her dictate the story to you and you can do the typing. Or get her a small tape recorder and let her dictate into it. Often it is the actual writing that the child struggles with and not creating the story. Time4Writing is a good supplemental writing program.
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