How do I test my Childs level in Subject matter?
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    Default How do I test my Childs level in Subject matter?

    I took my daughter out of 1st grade last year, and started homeschooling her myself, I feel that in four months we finished 1st grade and was half way though 2nd before summer started. I need to know how I can test what she knows, as we started this site to day with day one 2nd grade work and it seems very easy...are their any assessment tests I can have her take?

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    No, Adam, there are no assessment tests. I have found the trial-and-error method to be more accurate . . . especially since T4L allows us to change grade levels at any time and even move back-and-forth between grade levels.

    First graders often need a lot of repetition, even on things they already know. It's sort of like how we automatically keep asking our two-year-old, "What color is this?" even after they have identified most of the colors for us already. Very young children forget easily without much repetition . . . so even if the lessons seem easy and she "knows" this stuff now, it's probably important for a first or second grader to keep practicing. My teacher kept giving me worksheets with pictures to identify what letter the words started with well after I had learned the beginning sound of each letter.

    That said . . . Some parents have their students take each chapter test first, before doing any lessons in that chapter. If they score well on the test, they do not have to do the lessons in that chapter. They just try the chapter test at the end of the next chapter.

    If they do not score well, they do the lessons in that chapter and then try the test again. In this way, the student is only studying material they don't already know. This works best for older students, though.

    Have fun!

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