How do you schedule your child's day?
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    Default How do you schedule your child's day?

    I have two kids in this age level. One is in 1st and the other is in 3rd grade. I am new to home schooling and am trying to figure out how to schedule the kids days so they can get their work done but not be burned out.
    How do you schedule your day so that your kids can get their work done, plus have special activities?

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    One way to see how many lessons you should do each day is to add up all the lessons in the lesson plans, then divide this number by the number of days you plan on having school. This will tell you how many lessons to do each day so you can finish by the end of your school year. My 4th grader spends between two to three hours each day total, with breaks in between lessons.
    Of course you also want the flexibility to add field trips, co-op classes, homeschool events or activities with a support group, appointments or errands. Life happens sometimes, so there may be a day you won't do 'school' at all. So I use this schedule only as a guide.
    We're not early risers. When we wake up, we have breakfast, clean up after breakfast, make our beds. Then we read our bible and pray. Then we start our work (about 2 hours). Then have a snack or lunch. Do some reading or watchc an educational movie/documentary. Back to some school work. Copy work/dictation. Free time. Sometimes we'll add some worksheets in between. It varies from day to day. Wednesdays we're out most of the day with speech and physical therapy. We also go to the library on Wednesdays. Fridays we go to our homeschool P.E. for half a day.

    I hope that helps some.
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    I have been using T4L since the third grade with my granddaughter. We pretty much to school on days the public schools are in session. We start around 9ish and break for lunch at 11. After she eats lunch she goes for a mile walk with her uncle. We start back about 12:15 and finish between 2 and 3. One day a week she has guitar lessons. She has Latin added to her curriculum. I have to travel to doctor's appointments 2-3 times a month and on those days she does art and projects with her mother. She completed 4th grade between August and mid-December and is now in the 5th grade. This is the schedule and goals she has set for herself. She chooses what to work on each day and in which order she wants to do subjects, but she covers every subject almost everyday. Her favorite subjects are science and math so she wants to work primarily on them, but she understands everything has to be covered eventually, so it is just easier to some of each every day. HER goal (I repeat these are not my goals, but hers) is to complete on lesson in each subject each day, including the lesson quiz. She accomplishes that on most days. We take frequent field trips, some as long as a week, which she enjoys. She is so much happier than when she was in traditional school. I am not of the unschooling philosophy, so what we do IS school, in a real sense, just at her pace.

    In the beginning we had to experiement to find a pace that was good for her, chalenging, but not undoable or too intense. There was a lot of trian and error and tears on both our parts. We now have a very comfortable rhythm and she is doing weel. In the spring we will have her take one of the standarized tests, so we have this proof she can do the work if she ever wants to go back to traditional school.

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    My grand daughter also uses T4L. she is on different grade levels in different subjects as she has some learning difficulties with letters and numbers. She homeschools T4L for 90 min takes a 90 min recess and then finishes. she also completes equine sciences classes once a week and riding lessons once a week. she has karate twice a week, biblical studies 3 times a week, and 4H once a month. She has many friends and I use the karate and riding lessons to count toward physical education hours. We have a very relaxed schedule and often re arrange for different necessities. We homeschool year round, but I give her school holidays, her birthday, and special occasions off. We have a blast.

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