how much more do we have to complete?
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    Default how much more do we have to complete?

    HELP! we started in Jan 2016, I started my kids as if it was the beginning of the school year. we have done school at least 4 days a week. is there any way to see how much more they need to complete? I see all the stuff they already have completed, but wondered if there was anywhere to see what or how much is left that they haven't completed.

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    I wonder about this too. My son seems to have finished his science and history a long time ago. He's still doing Math and Language Arts but tells me he's almost done with that as well. How do you know for sure when you are really DONE? Is it just a matter of there is no more lessons for him to complete in that subject? Will the system automatically enroll him in 7th grade? (my son is doing 6th grade now)

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    Since Time4Learning is a curriculum and not a school, parents are free to decide when the grade level is done. A lot of parents will have their student continue until there are no more lessons in each subject. If you finish one subject before the others, you can always bump them up a grade level. Some parents have a set of standards they want their children to meet, and once they've met those, they will change grade levels. It's really up to you.

    Check out the lesson plans to determine how much more of the curriculum your student has left in each grade level.

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    If you created an activity plan for your student, you can just see what has been checked off and what has not.

    If you did not create an activity plan, you can compare your student's reports ("what has been done") with the lesson plans/scope and sequence ("what there is available to do"). The easiest way to do this is to print the lesson plan and then look at the reports and check off items on the lesson plan that have been completed.

    Or, you can log in as your student and see how many activity icons are left unchecked in each subject.

    The system will not automatically change your student to the next grade level. You need to make that change by logging in to your parent account and clicking on Adjust Grade Level under Make Changes to My Account at the upper right. You can adjust the grade level for each subject individually.

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