How to teach good habits?
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    Default How to teach good habits?

    Hello there!

    Iím a young parent and was wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks on how to teach young children to be more organized, to be responsible and have good habits (brush teeth, time to go to bed, take care of a pet, etc.)?

    Also, would you recommend the use of an electronic device to achieve this? For example, by managing points or recompensing the children by playing games on an iPad.

    Thank you for your input!

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    Default Re: How to teach good habits?

    I think a more hands-on approach works well for younger kids. It supposedly takes three weeks to establish a habit. I've found that to be a good estimate! If your child simply knows from a young age that teeth will always be brushed when they get up and before bed (and whenever else you decide is important), then they will grow up "feeling weird" if that isn't done.

    If they start not wanting to do something, you can use incentives like sticker charts. There are so many of those available online, and even at the Dollar Tree. Other rewards are M&Ms (sort of a poor choice if tooth brushing is the issue ), small toys, points toward a trip to the store for kids who are mature enough to wait for points to add up, and so forth.

    For my kids, I tend to just say that there are certain things we do that aren't optional, because eventually the rewards will have to cease. My son with special needs is an entirely different matter, though, and he'll probably need an incentive for most things all his life.

    Good luck working out what will work for your own child. I hope others will come along with their ideas.

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