Kindergartener with anxiety
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    Default Kindergartener with anxiety

    My daughter is 5 and attends K. She cries every morning and throughout the day while at school. She is terrified to talk to the teachers and some day's her work shows that. We have thought about homeschooling her till she is ready to be in public school but worry it may make it worse by her not getting to intract with other children. Any advice?

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    It sounds to me like she needs mama. I would not be able to sit at home knowing my little one was alone and crying all day. Just because she is not in public school does not mean she would never have interaction with other kids. Take her to homeschool groups. Go to Story Hour at the library or at the local bookstore. Go to the park duing the school day. You'll meet other homeschooled kids there. You can also sign her up for classes at the Y or at historic sites. Get her out among other groups of children in a setting that is safe for her, with mama near by.
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    Every child develops at their own pace. There is a lot going on in the life of a 5 year old; It may be that for whatever reason this is just too much at one time right now. New adults, new kids, new rules, new routines, new space.... It may also just be something specific, a conflict with someone or fear of the decoration on the door or the new kind of lighting might give her a headache. There are so many reasons, but responding to the fact that there is a situation is important. I have seen kids who cry for a couple of weeks but then settle in, this is the end of October; I would make a change if it is at all feasible.
    Forcing a child into a situation before they are ready to handle it may have much longer-reaching and damaging effects than any possible "shortage" of peer interaction. Truly tending to her needs now is more likely to make her feel more secure in the future, knowing you do take her fears seriously and will help her. Start smaller. Take her to the playground and step back to where she knows you are there but not over her. Take her to circle time at the library or whatever they have. Take her to some of the homeschool groups. Let her feel her way out of the nest a bit before pushing too hard. Who knows, she might have general crowd anxiety and never really feel comfortable in a crowd of people. Homeschool her all the way through and make learning to navigate crowds (mall, theater, flea market, etc) part of the "curriculum" when she is ready to knowingly face it and process it.
    You won't damage her by following her cues for when she is ready for something or not. Trust your mommy instinct.

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