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    Default Links to more information - 3rd grade LA Extensions

    I'm having a few problems with some of the lesson plans for the third grader... specifically in LA Extensions.

    My son needed more practice to grasp the concepts in 3220/3221 (Alphabetical, Chronological and Numerical categorizing). I wish there had been a link included that would send you to more examples if you needed more examples or more practice.

    Both my son and I had trouble with 3158/3159 (Three Ways to Ask Questions - Critical, Interpretative & Evaluative). I was completely unable to help my son understand and complete this lesson... they had VERY FEW examples to work with and poor definitions of what is an interpretative question and what is an evaluative question. The lesson plan vaguely says that the interpretative question asks for an OPINION, while the evaluative asks for a JUDGEMENT. My son was practically in tears saying "That's the same thing!" We looked it up in the dictionary and an opinion IS a judgement. I would have liked many more examples to work with along with a better definition of each type of question... as well as links to other examples.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems? Do you have any other resources for these lessons?


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    Hi. Thank you for your comments. That's why we're here!

    It's impossible to provide just the right amount of practice for each individual studying the material. Very often, parents ask if they can skip activities, because their student is bored with too much practice. I think you did great by looking it up in the dictionary. You can also access other online resources for any topic by Googling it . . . or, by asking here! We love to help with this type of thing.

    You will probably find your child has more difficulty with some concepts than others. He may fly through the next lessons!

    A judgment CAN BE an opinion . . . but that doesn't mean it ALWAYS is. An evaluative question isn't asking for your opinion. It is asking you to judge certain facts (not give an opinion) about the material. (Who is the main character? Why did the author write this?) These are things you won't find in the book, but there is a "right or wrong" answer. You must speculate as to what the answer might be, and you might not ever really know the "right" answer. (Why did the author write this?).

    For alphabetical and chronological order, have him alphabetize family names. Have him put everyone's birthday in chronological order. Have him alphabetize the names of your pets, or brainstorm a random list of words and have him alphabetize those. If he likes online games, go to Spelling Vocabulary City (free). Type in any number of words, click on Play a Game, and choose Alphabetize from the list of games. The sound effects are very motivating! (Spelling Vocabulary City doesn't work with family names . . . just words in the dictionary.)

    WI hope this helps. We are always happy to help you find additional teaching materials.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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