Lower level Handwriting
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    Question Lower level Handwriting

    I've been using T4L for about a month now with several different age children. My Kindergarten student has not done any handwriting thus far. Is this something I need to supplement or will it come up in the lessons plans eventually?
    Thanks for any advice...

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    Hi, Jamie. I'm moving your post to the K-3 section, where it will probably get more attention. This section is to discuss the Time4Writing program, which is about writing composition . . . not penmanship.

    Time4Writing does not teach penmanship, although there are a lot of first grade worksheets that assume a student can print. There are loads of free penmanship pages online. The Learning Page has some under their Basics sheets. You can also find some fun and free penmanship instruction on YouTube! If you want something animated, there is also Pencil Pete. Lessons through the letter F are free, and then you must pay. I used Handwriting Without Tears for my kids, because it took very little time or preparation and the workbooks are inexpensive. I didn't get the teacher guides and all that.

    I hope one of those ideas will be helpful for you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi, I also have a kindergartener homeschooling with this program. I went to some discount book stores and found a math and LA workbook in addition to the t4l. Dollar Tree also has great teacher supplies that I was able to buy and use to help her learn her letters on manuscript paper. Called I can write. . Really great to get them started learning to write their letters I am doing two letters a week like the public schools did for my older two. Hope this helps! Ariane

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