Maybe a technical question about worksheets
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    Question Maybe a technical question about worksheets

    I am trying to print off the worksheets for the week and I am frustrated because they keep printing out at maybe 50% in the corner of the page instead of filling the page out. I have played with the printer settings an options such as making sure the PDF was 100%, confirming it is in portrait instead of landscape, and I just can't get the worksheet to fill the page and not be smushed.

    1 more question, why do we have LA and LA extension? What is the extension for and it is necessary? I see 11 worksheets for LA ext this week and that seems like a lot to me.

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    Hi, Amy. My personal recommendation for language arts and language arts extensions is for students in grades 1 and 2 to complete all of the core language arts lessons before moving on to the language arts extensions each school year. The reason for this is because the core language arts program is focused on learning to read. The readers are decodable and phonics-based. They are somewhat easier than the reading material in the extensions.

    Another reason is that both language arts and language arts extensions assign writing assignments using Story Creator. Two of this type of open-ended writing assignment in one day is usually too much for most students.

    A third reason is because all of the language arts extensions are based on science and social studies topics. If the student finishes the core language arts during the first part of the year, they will start using the language arts extensions at about the time the few designated social studies lessons on Time4Learning are finished . . . so the social studies based language arts extensions fill in the social studies needs.

    From third grade and up, I recommend language arts and language arts extensions be done together. Language arts is a really broad subject, and both things just cover different areas: spelling, reading, writing, grammar, etc.

    As far as the worksheets: Each story in the language arts extensions is presented four ways: Read to Me, Read Along, Read By MySelf, and I Can Read. The formats get progressively more difficult to read, but the worksheet offered for each one is exactly the same. Many students benefit from first hearing the story read, then being able to read along while listening to it read, and working up until they are reading it themselves. Other students will get impatient with that, and you can just choose the one format that is most compatible with your child's reading ability.

    Is your Adobe reader the latest version? I can't think of another reason your worksheets aren't printing properly, since it sounds like you've adjusted all the settings.

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