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    Question Multiple Levels/Scheduling

    My daughter is technically in 1st grade but she is reading at probably a 3rd grade level. In some concepts she is advanced in math. One of the reason that I liked Time4learning is because I can switch between 1st and 2nd grade. However, I can't figure out how to mark on the activity schedule what she has done if it is in another level? For instance I have the activity scheduler figured out, however if she does the 2nd grade activity instead I don't really have any way of marking what she has done and keeping track of what maybe hasn't been done.

    Any advice?

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    You are right. The scheduler only deals with one grade level per subject at a time. I was in this situation before the Activity Scheduler was added to the program. I just printed both levels lesson plans and checked off/dated what my son did right on the lesson plans. Could you do something like that?

    Does anyone else on the forum have another workaround?

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