My son will start first grade soon
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    Default My son will start first grade soon

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 6 year old who will start to first grade soon. I am not a native speaker and did not go to school in the USA. In my country, reading is so easy and you only need to learn letters and there's no need to learn blends etc. So this is very new to me. My son went to pre-K when he was 4 and during that year, he only learnt counting up to 20 and ABC song. They did not teach him how to sound letters. I was reading him at home a lot both in English and in my native language, but I was not teaching him sounds (and I did not know too . I thought 4 is a very early age to start learning how to read and I did not pay attention. And his teachers told me that they do not teach how to read at pre-K. I was "okay, let him to have some fun, no need to rush". He then started to Kindergarten at a private school (a day care&kindergarten). After he started Kindergarten, he learnt all sounds and start to read very simple text around January (like Mat sit on a cat). When they completed kindergarten, he was able to read again at a similar level, maybe with some sight words (little, this, it, but, red). However, he was struggling to read more complex words such as fast or crab etc. He learnt some blends but he was unable to read them easily. They were giving them some activity sheets like one for long I and the other for letter b etc. However, when I asked him if he knows what vowel is, he was saying no. He was able to tell me what is the difference between letter or sound but not what blends is or what syllable is. Then I start to read more about what a beginning first grader needs to know and I felt he is not completely ready to read at level D. This summer, we had some activities together and he learnt const. blends, some digraphs and he is now reading better.

    My question is, what should be the appropriate reading level for a first grader? Some people say kids start to learn from the beginning like how to sound letters etc. Other people say kids needs to read fluently at level D so kids can go up to level I at the end of first grade, maybe even chapter books. Do I need to teach him more phonic skills or will he learn those skills when he start first grade?


    from an anxious mom whose first kid will start to first grade soon

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    Default Re: My son will start first grade soon

    Hi, Suzi. This is a forum for parents who use Time4Learning as a homeschool curriculum. Our curriculum teaches beginning sounds in first grade (usually age 6-7) and blends in second (usually age 7-8).

    Homeschool parents decide when their children are ready for things, though, so there will be older children using the first grade reading lessons and younger children using third or fourth grade lessons.

    Children are all different. One great thing about homeschooling is that we don't have to worry about when we are "supposed" to do things. We can teach it when they are ready, and review it as many times as they need to understand.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: My son will start first grade soon

    I think level J is was used at my daughter's school. She still has trouble with the blend sounds. More important is that your son is progressing. At the younger ages, even a few months can make a difference in how fast they learn.

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