Need help making a report card and re-doing un-mastered lessons
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    Default Need help making a report card and re-doing un-mastered lessons

    This is our first year with Time4Learning. I'm stuck on a few things.

    So I've seen the report generator. But it doesn't make anything that looks like a report card. Is there a feature that I'm missing? Something that will output average scores for each subject for each quarter?

    Also, there are quite a few tests that my daughter did not master, but at the end of the tests, there is not usually anything that says, you did not pass, please redo. Is there a way for her to redo them? I see them in the report generator, but I would like to be able to click on the ones that say "not mastered" and have her retake them. Is this possible? Thanks.

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    Hi! The reports are for parent information. You can use the information to calculate a grade your own way. There are many report card or transcript templates online.

    Your daughter can redo any tests. The tests are at the end or bottom of each page of lesson icons. If you click on them within the reports, you will just see the results of her completed test. To re-do a test, you need to manually navigate to her through her dashboard.

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