New to the game of homeschooling please help
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    Default New to the game of homeschooling please help

    I have a four year old little girl and we have decided on homeschooling. I have been working with her since before she was three with thought of homeschooling on the horizon. Now that she will turn five this year I have done a lot research and it has my head spinning. I need advice bad on where to start. I have so many questions and no one close to me to ask. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi, Amanda.

    Reading your post reminded me of myself when I started homeschooling because I did a lot of research, too....and then was afraid of taking that first step because I felt wobbly (overwhelmed).

    Since you've done a lot of research, you're well-prepared. It can seem overwhelming. Yes. Can I just say, it's not. It's just taking that first step into what seems to be the unknown. But really, it's not new for you. And since she's only 4 and hasn't been in a classroom setting, learning with mom at home is very natural to her, as it should be.

    You've been "working with her since before she was three." <---That's homeschooling. You can add Time4Learning for her Math and Language Arts (the basics) as her curriculum. The animated and interactive lessons are really fun. In addition to this, you would probably be teaching her to read, so I would recommend reading with her and to her daily. You can use interesting chapter books to read to her, like Charlotte's Web, and read a little every day. I believe it's important to foster a love for reading. That's sets a good foundation for natural learning through reading. You may also want to have her practice handwriting. You can purchase a dry-erase workbook for practicing pre-writing skills. Lastly, I would find a local homeschool support group. This is a great way to connect with other homeschooling families. These groups usually have field trips and events (sometimes educational events).

    Have you read the laws for your state? This is a Legal Analysis of the Missouri homeschooling law taken from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

    I hope this was helpful. I know you'll do great. Enjoy your homeschooling journey.
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