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    My daughter is doing T4L Kindergarten.. She seems to be bored and loses interest in her work online. I have tried to break it up and add work sheets and writing and fun learning games to help break it up but when it comes to the online work she seems to know the answers before they finish telling what to do. she has made 100% on everything. She went to public school for 6 weeks and I am sure they didn't cover the stuff she is doing now. So need some input on what I should try..

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    Wow... I am so sorry to hear that... I have six children and over the years have had a bit of this issue.

    Does she enjoy the playground? If she does you can use that as an encouragement to get her motivated. For example, she could do an hour of work for 10 minutes on the playground.

    Here are some ideas to help you out...
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    If she seems to know the material and is getting 100% all the time you may want to move her up to first grade. My granddaughter is like that. She went through Kindy and first grade in about two months and is now happily doing second grade work.
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