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    Hello - We are first year homeschoolers and new to T4L. I have a 4th and K. We are starting this week. The 4th grade activities seems pretty self explanatory and easy for him to navigate. I'm VERY confused with the Kindergartners activities. I've printed out his schedule for this week and I'm trying to prepare. There is a section "Science4Us" I don't see that in his profile page and I don't see the lessons in the science. I've downloaded all the resource PDF but there is a ton to read and go through. I'm not sure what to do with the "offline" activities in the Science4Us section. Can someone direct me to some step by step instructions on how to get started with your Kindergartner?

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    Hi, Kathy! Science4Us is an optional (free!) add-on. To add this to your student's dashboard, access your parent account, click on Mange Students then Change Grade Level. Under the Science4Us dropdown menu, choose the kindergarten level to add Science4Us for your child.

    The offline activities are optional. They are similar to what one might find in a teacher's manual, which is intended to inspire. Most teachers do not use every, single idea in a teacher's manual. It's up to you to choose what you feel might benefit your student. You may use all, none, or some of them.

    Look for a sticky thread called Getting Started with Time4Learning for Kindergarten in this forum section in the morning.

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