No Chapter Tests/ quizzes for LA 1st grade? So No "Mastered"
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    Exclamation No Chapter Tests/ quizzes for LA 1st grade? So No "Mastered"

    I have noticed after my daughter has completed 1/2 of 1st grade LA that there are no tests or quizzes so none of the modules show mastered. The math has quizzes and tests for each set or module and it will show "mastered" after taking the tests or quizzes, so I know she did the Tests and mastered what is being taught. But Not for LA. I do not even see and end of 1st grade LA test. Is this right?

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    I have not looked at T4L's first grade LA, but, when I look at the scope and sequence, I can see a lot of quizzes. Did you log in as the student and look at what all is available? Have you sat with her while she is using T4L? Maybe she isn't completing the LA or is exiting the lessons incorrectly.
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    I looked at the Lesson Plans and at my grandson's lessons. There are no quizzes or tests in first grade language arts. As your child completes each lesson it will be checked off and say Completed. This is how you will know that the work has been done. You can look at the scores on the lessons that have scores to see if she is understanding the material. If she scores low on a lesson perhaps you will want to redo that lesson with her to make sure she is understanding it.
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