Number of Lessons Per Subject Per Day?
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    Default Number of Lessons Per Subject Per Day?

    Hello all,
    I'm new here, and I have a son that will be 5 in May. Right now, we are just doing the math program. We will start the L.A. stuff after he turns 5 or possibly wait until this fall. I've started him with math stuff he already knows very well because he has never used a mouse before. I want him to be comfortable using a mouse before we move into learning new material. Assuming he becomes comfortable with the mouse in the near future and we move on to new material, how many lessons would you do in a day? I don't want to go too fast so that he won't retain anything, but want him to move along at a good clip as well.

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    Hi. There are 223 kindergarten language arts activities. If you use a typical 180-day school year, that is a little over one activity per day. There are also some teaching guides with a lot of optional offline material you can add if you choose. If your student doesn't use a mouse, Time4Learning works on most mobile devices with touchscreens if you first install the free Puffin Academy app.

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