patriotism/citizenship,alcohol/drug/tabacco misuse,road safety/fire prevention for K
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    Question patriotism/citizenship,alcohol/drug/tabacco misuse,road safety/fire prevention for K

    I am in NYS and its required that those subjects are taught so do i just go thru the 1st grade curriculum and add them to my sons planner?

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    Hi, jendupre!

    Those things don't all need to be taught every year . . . just at some point in your child's school career. Patriotism and citizenship are taught in the social studies curriculum, hitting on more advanced topics each year. For example, in first grade your child will learn about the flag, The White House and other important places in the U.S., and some national holidays.

    Substance use/misuse is covered in detail in high school health, although there are subtle references to wise decision making throughout the curriculum in all subjects (cross-curricular teaching). For example, this type of thing is alluded to in the second grade language arts extensions' "Hygiene" unit.

    Safety is covered under language arts extensions in first grade. There are a lot of other social studies (patriotism/ citizenship) topics in language arts extensions, too. The first lesson in each language arts extension is all about the topic . . . a science or social studies lesson that introduces the topic the language arts unit will be built around.

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