Question about 1st grade science
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    Default Question about 1st grade science

    I figured that since these young ones are still (or just) learning to really read that the science lessons would be read to them. That's not what I am seeing when I look at my son's lessons. Can someone elaborate on this? Thanks.

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    It's been a while since I've done first grade science. My son is in fifth grade now. I went back and tried several first grade science lessons to see and they all were animated. There was nothing for the child to read. The only thing that I saw that had to be read to the child was the question they asked at the beginning while the lesson was loading. You could read this to your child or you could download a reader program. There are several of them available for free online. You just copy and paste the material into the reader. My son learned how to do this in just a few minutes so he could have the question read to him.
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