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    Default Question - Science Guide Materials/Social Studies W/S

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to T4L but my son is enjoying it so far. I'm really pleased that I found a curriculum for a reasonable price : )

    My questions are about the Science and Social Studies lessons. In Science, my son will be doing his lesson and one of the windows pops up and says that "your guide will have a puzzle to do this activity" or "your guide will provide three objects for you to classify." I have no prior notice that I'm supposed to have a puzzle ready or have objects to classify; it's a surprise to me every day what we're going to need. Is there any other page on the site that will tell you what you need classified by ACTIVITY NUMBER? I found the science page that says you'll need a ruler, yardstick, magnets, etc., but it doesn't tell you WHEN you'll need it either.

    In Social Studies I have a problem with the print-outs. If I let my 8 year old print he would use an entire ream of paper printing out whatever he wanted! I like to go ahead and pre-print everything so it's available for him when he starts the lesson. The only way I've found to do this is to basically "preview" the entire lesson (printing along the way), and then the icon is spinning when my son clicks in... he thinks he's done that lesson already and the fight is on. Is there any way around these two problems?


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    Hi, Robin. There are science supply lists available in the right sidebar when you have logged in as a parent.

    You do have to preview the social studies lessons to access the printables. You can avoid your preview appearing on your student's report, as well as avoiding the spinning icon, simply by not marking the lesson as complete. In most cases, for social studies, this simply means not clicking on the hand in the upper, right corner of the final "page" of the lesson.

    Please let us know if this didn't help.

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