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    Default Question - third grade math - LA #3332

    I need help with the activities where my daughter answers the questions from a drop-down list of answers. If there is a blank where you fill in the answer then there is a check box after you fill in the answer which tells you if you are "correct" or "Incorrect."

    However, on the drop-down boxes after you make all your selections I do not see where you are told whether you are "correct" or "incorrect." Usually, I just check her answers, however am I missing where she can check them herself? She is moving to the point of working more independently, however she cannot do these activities alone if she is not getting feedback. I have looked under her portfolio and this is a non-graded assignment so no answers there.

    In third grade Math under"Addition and Subtraction" then "Estimation" LA #3332 is an example of where this happens twice.

    Thanks for any help with where the answers are located.

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    The words "Correct" or "Try Again" pop up in a separate window as soon as an answer is selected from the drop-down menu. If you have a popup blocker, you will need to disable it. Or, you can try disabling it for each individual answer by pressing the Ctrl key while selecting the answer.

    Please let me know if this doesn't help.

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