Quiz check marks???
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    Default Quiz check marks???


    We are new to Time4learning. My daughter enjoys it overall, however, she has taken several quizzes (multiple times) with 100%...but she is not receiving check marks! She is really frustrated! This is causing her to repeat quizzes unneccessarily. Would love to figure out if it is a glitch or if they don't receive check marks for quizzes! All of the quizzes are showing up in her reports, but the check marks are not there (which, of course, is driving her crazy)!!!

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    To be honest, i don't remember if there are check marks for the quizzes or not. I'm thinking there are not, only for the tests. But if you want to be sure you could call support at (888) 771-0914.

    Updating to say: Lesson quizzes and chapter tests have a unique design compared to standard learning activities. They are dynamic because questions for quizzes and tests are pulled from a pool of questions, making the particular quiz or test unique. If a student needs to retake the quiz or test, the sequence and/or questions will be different. Therefore, the quizzes and tests do not mark as complete.

    If you wish to see whether a quiz or test had been completed, please check the student portfolio or run a student score report. Once a student takes a chapter test, the chapter does mark off as complete.
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