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    Default Recommended Books - from Lessons

    We just did our first science activity. At the end it recommended a couple of books to look for at the library. Is there a part of the website where I can go to see all those books - like a list? That way if we want to use them we'll have them ready.

    Not sure if it's just Science that does this or if other lessons will have recommended library books or not. But either way - I'd like to get several at once when we visit the library.



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    Hi, Rushell! If you log into your parent account and click on My Parent Tools, you will see a link to recommended reading lists for language arts only in the left sidebar. There are no reading lists for other subjects.

    Many of the subjects will mention recommended reading within the lesson itself. Do realize that "recommended" means, "If you or your student are particularly interested in this topic and want to study it in depth, here are some ideas for books you could use." ANY books on that topic will do for further study. None of the quiz or test questions will be based on a specific book. Since no library will have all (or even some) of the books on the recommended reading lists and inter-library loans take time, I've found it easier to just search the topic on my library's computer when we get there, and choose books that look interesting to my student.

    I hope knowing how another family manages this helps.

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