School Breaks With Homeschoolers
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    Hi! This is my first year using this curriculum for my daughter that is in 1st grade. I am homeschooling her. The question that I have is in regard to breaks. For instance, most schools if not all just had their fall break. The curriculum that was generated for her is broken down into weeks (which is great). The problem that I came across was that during "fall break' we went to Hawaii. I came back to layout the week for her and realized that I couldn't add a break in between weeks. By skipping a week, it would mean that she wouldn't learn what I couldn't have taught her last week. Is there a way I can add breaks on the generated curriculum selection? I tried going back to last week (fall break week) and it just seems like its too much to catch up on in addition to the current week. Kids will have more breaks coming up like winter break etc. Thank you in advance.

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    With the updates to the planner, you can now add weekly breaks to an existing plan. Log in to your parent account and click on My Saved Plans. Choose your student and the plan name from the dropdown menu. Now click on Weekly Breaks to add one or more breaks.

    Please let me know if you have any difficulty doing this.

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