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Thread: School help?

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    Default School help?

    I have a 5 year old he just started kindergarden 2 weeks ago. He absolutely hates it. He doesn't respond to the teacher. And when he does, it's in an attitude. When we get down to writing his name, he either throws a tantrum. Or just cries and blames me for making him do it. I have tired doing it with my hand on his. I have tried bribing him (nothing too big just no tv until he's done, maybe I'll give him an extra 10 Mins to him watching videos on YouTube) all he does is cry and yell that he doesn't want to do anything or that he doesn't know how to. Both my and my wife don't know what to do. We get that it's a transtional phase. And that we have to encourage him every step of the way. We also walk him to his class and give him a big hug and let him know that we love him. Any help? Should we be worried?

    This didn't happen with our 7 year old. He went through kindergarden just fine, sure he missed us but he soon got over that.

    Thanks a head of time to those who help


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    Each child is different. Perhaps your younger son is just not ready for school yet. You could try another year of preschool.
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    I am going to have to second fairylover first and say there is a good chance he isn't ready for the Big K yet. Did he go to pre-school? There is nothing wrong with repeating even so.
    Also, can you get him to talk about his class (maybe kind of sideways)? There might be something about the classroom, the teacher, or his classmates that is causing problems. Did another kid call him stupid because "she already knew how to write her name, only babies don't know", or did he overhear a tired teacher make a comment to another teacher about how frustrating it was having to teach things they should already know (I know most of the preschools around here make them write their name, so there is a big gap). Does he have eyesight problems, there are a lot of things like dyslexia that would make it very hard for a kid to write their name, that you wouldn't necessarily notice until they started writing? Does he have the fine motor control (did he use pencils and scissors and regular crayons much already)? could be control or strength in his hand. Maybe he is one of those people who throw a ball one handed but write with the other (my dad is)? Maybe all the noise and confusion of a Kindergarden classroom is just too much and it makes him nervous, so it translates to all things "school"?

    Any of those things could cause a kid to get frustrated and at that age they handle frustration much like you described him acting out and melting down.
    Of course it may be that he is just not ready to seperate yet and needs another year before he leaves for school. There is nothing wrong with that, all kids develop at different times, it evens out down the line most of the time.
    On the other hand, my son is convinced that "real school is not allowed to be fun" and the more authoratatively he is told to do something the more likely he is to dig and refuse. I can recognize that as his problem and knew that last about him by the time he was 10 months old, but I am assuming that this is unussual behavior that you are describing for your son.

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    It REALLY sounds like either he's not ready, or there's something really bad going on in the classroom that's frightening him. If it was my child, I'd pull him out of that classroom.
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