Starting home school almost in the middle of the school year...
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Thread: Starting home school almost in the middle of the school year...

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    Question Starting home school almost in the middle of the school year...

    Hello! We have decided to home school our third grader after the xmas break is over. My question is since he's already gone thru not quite half of third grade in public school, where in the lessons should he start? Should I just start him in the lessons about half way in and see if he has studied that already or just start at the beginning? I hate for him to have to do the work twice if I cant start wherever we want. Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated...thanks!

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    Hi. Some parents start their student at the beginning and have them take each chapter test FIRST. If they do well on the test, they do not have to do the lessons in that chapter. If they do not do well on the test, they do the lessons and take the test again. That way, they are only studying material they have not yet learned.

    Here is a webinar we had a few months ago about starting homeschool mid-year. I think you'll find it helpful!

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    Kelly is right. I started my daughter on homeschooling after Thanksgiving in the first grade. We simply started at the beginning and if she knew the material skipped to the chapter test, completed it, and went on. We pulled her because the school started implementing their common core curriculum and not only did it make my A+ daughter struggle and drop her grades but they started telling her everything she did was wrong from adding to sounding words. My daughter who used to sit and read quietly for fun became terrified to even try to read. Teacher notes went from praising her smarts to concerns about weather she'll pass the grade. So we pulled her out and in the half year that was left she completed all of 1st grade and half of 2nd grade. This year she finished 2nd grade 2 months in and is now halfway done with 3rd.
    I hope this helps you and gives you some encouragement. I've really enjoyed using T4L and my daughter loves going at her pace and all the freedom that comes with homeschooling (school at the beach anyone?!)

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    Wow, it seems like many go through this middle of the school year transitions. Glad to know I'm not alone! Good luck to you OP and thank you Kelly for your informative response!

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