Teacher's reaction on first grader's mistake
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    Default Teacher's reaction on first grader's mistake

    Hi All,

    My son is 6 year old, in first grade in Bayonne NJ.
    They recently got ID card, that they wear in neck all time.
    Yesterday, in lunch time , while playing or arguing, he started to pull another kids id card.
    As per teaching because of this another kid felt like choking.
    When we came to know about this, we teach our son about the consequence of this, gave him timeout.
    But the letter we got from teacher , wordings in letter were shocking.
    wordings are "using the ID Card to "choke" another student during recess".
    it gives impression like my son was trying to choke another kids intentionally.
    When we talked to teacher, he was almost trying to say the same thing.
    My question is-are these right wordings?

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    Default Re: Teacher's reaction on first grader's mistake

    Hi, lindabrown!

    This is the parent forum for people who are using the Time4Learning curriculum. A great many of us are homeschoolers who have chosen not to use the public school system. Therefore, the answers you get here regarding an issue with your child's teacher might not be representative of what you would receive in the general population.

    I do agree that "using the name card to choke another student" gives a different impression than "pulling on the name tag of another student" would. It's all about the intent of your child.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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