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Thread: Thank you!!!!

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    Default Thank you!!!!

    I want to say a huge Thank You to everyone at T4L!

    I have been homeschooling my son since day one. He has always struggled horribly in school, so much so that I had to repeat the first grade with him. In the middle of his second grade year he was diagnosed with ADHD, and ELD (Expressive Language Disorder). Even with medication he has struggled. At the beginning of this year (the middle of his 3rd grade year) he was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. It was a nightmare just getting through a normal school day. That's when I decided we needed a change from our worksheet based curriculum. We started T4L in the middle of January. As we come to the close of the 3rd grade year, I have seen a tremendous difference in my son. He no longer complains about doing school. He will actually run to the computer and log in himself in the mornings. He is taking initiative with areas he struggles in (reading and writing) and though he may not be quite at his grade level he has improved immensely. He has learned/completed almost the entire 3rd grade curriculum (we will finish by the end of the month) with all A's and B's. For the first time I feel confident moving him into the next school grade. There's no way we would be where we are today without T4L... Thank You!!!!

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    Wow. That's why I love this company so much. I love hearing reports like this.
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    So,so happy for you and your son!

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    This is exactly how I feel, as well. My daughter has special needs and learning has always been a struggle for takes her longer to understand new concepts. It was so hard finding just the right curriculum for her, until we found Time4Learning. Like your son, she also loves learning with T4L. She logs herself in and does her work without fussing. Sometimes I have to tell her, "Okay, that's enough for today." One time she was sick with a bad cold and my husband told her she needed to go back to bed instead of doing her T4L, and she started crying! Not because she had to go to bed, but because she couldn't do her T4L!! How often do you hear that! hahaha.
    So for this reason, I love to recommend T4L to everyone I know, but especially to parents with children with special needs.
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    Thats really good to know,,,
    i am happy for you,,
    thanks for T4L,,

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