Is there a way to lock all the subjects except the one you want your child to finish?
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    Default Is there a way to lock all the subjects except the one you want your child to finish?

    My daughter is an 'after-schooler' in T4L...

    She is in second grade in school.

    She is in 1st grade in T4L math.
    She is in 2nd or higher in all other subjects. Science and Social Studies she is in 4th grade on T4L.

    I want her only to work on completing the math. That's not her interest, but she needs to finish the material to move on.

    I tried to do the 'lesson plans' only in math. But, 1) they are not restrictive. 2) the lesson plan you can't click on the lesson and have it direct the student there 3) the lesson plans are basically meaningless because they don't check off by themselves when your student completes the lessons.

    Please help

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    There is no way to lock some subjects and not others. You could assign her so many math lessons each day and then reward her with time in the playground when she finishes them. Give no playground time for other subjects. Or you could break up her math work with the other subjects. Let her do two math lessons, then one science, then another math. That way the other subjects are rewards for doing the math. It is not unusual for students to work at more than one grade level.

    The scheduler work well for some families. I never used it myself. If you start at the beginning of the math program and work through the lessons you will see the icon change to completed or mastered as you work through them. Just follow the arrows through the program.

    I hope you find the plan that works best for your child.
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