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    Question Think & Respond with the Decodable Story - Confused

    We have not started yet, but I am going through my 1st graders lesson plans. I am so confused by the Think & Respond with Decodable Stories. I don't get labeling the stories with the different pictures. Can someone explain this a little better? Thanks!

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    By clicking on the various pictures it prompts the student to think about the story they are reading. They can relate it to something in their life. clicking on the heart says that this is their favorite part of the story. it allows you to ask them questions about why this is their favorite part. The child link says that this reminds them of something that happened in their life. You can ask questions about what happened to them and how it relates to the story. They can relate to more than just the written word. it encourages the student to take the story and make it personal. If your child is writing in sentences already you could ask them to journal about their response. if they are not writing yet, ask them to draw pictures that relate the story to their own life. It encourages them to think beyond the written word.
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