Third Grade Math
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    Default Third Grade Math

    Help!! I'm hitting a brick wall with math. I'm a college graduate who excelled in math, but the new way of teaching it is lost on me and my son. I decided to go through all the math chapter tests to see what areas we should focus on. I stopped using T4L for math. It wasn't a good fit for us. But we used workbooks, Khan and Youtube. But we went back for the chapter tests.

    My son forgets things we did in the very beginning, like writing in expanded/standard form! It's the very first lesson!

    Couple questions...T4L seems to cover more material than the Indiana requires, am I correct? I've printed out the math standards and I'm not seeing decimals, other than money, being required? Also, does third grade divide with remainders?

    This is what we've done so far...expanded/standard form, multiplying single/double digits, division (without remainders), adding/subtracting with carrying and borrowing, fractions (not equivalent yet), rounding numbers, perimeters, < > =, a little of algebraic thinking and telling time.

    I'm just not sure if I should start over; should I go back to T4L - I'm just completely lost!

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    Hi. Since Time4Learning is aligned with all state standards, it is possible that the curriculum covers more than your state requires. You can log in to your parent account and click on Get Lesson Plans to see exactly what is covered in each subject at each level.

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