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    Default Thoughts on Multiplication

    Hello! I know with Christmas many of you are probably shouting, "Yes! A break!" But I'm actually planning for the start of next year.

    The math lessons on T4L for third grade, as far as addition, subtraction, and estimation go have been pretty good. I noticed my daughter improved greatly with rounding and can round in up to the hundred thousands with no problem, as well as add and subtract up to the ten thousands. So, I'm very pleased with that part.

    However, as I reviewed the multiplication lessons, they seemed lacking in my opinion. It didn't really seem to explain the lessons or how to multiply. It almost felt like they expected the child to have prior knowledge of multiplying. And it jumps into division so quickly.

    I don't think my daughter will benefit from it. But I'm curious, is there anyone on here that has a child that learned to multiply strictly from T4L or did you find yourself having to use something different for the multiplication?

    I really don't want to have to search out another curriculum for math, especially so since money is tight right now. But I will if I must. My daughter is the type of child that believes she knows it all so she doesn't like to listen to me when I explain things. I have to nearly threaten her to make her pay attention to me - which is why I liked T4L. She logs on and do her thing and I help only if asked (and even then that becomes a battle).

    And a lot of other curricula I've looked at require a lot of parent interaction. But I work full time outside the home plus my daughter doesn't really want my help. She wants to do it by herself. So, I'm pretty much at a standstill on which direction to take. I really want to stick with T4L because of the minimal parent involvement but I don't think my daughter will really understand how to multiply with and other curricula have heavy parent involvement, and I'm so short on time with having to work outside the home. Thus is my dilemma....

    I'd definitely appreciate any thoughts or ideas you have to contribute!

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    Hi! I'm guessing you don't need a new curriculum. I'll bet all you need is some drill. Some of my kids have learned the times tables easily, in the course of working their daily lessons. Others have needed focused drill on multiplication facts. We loved Timez Attack. You can find other multiplication drill all over online. And . . . there's always old-fashioned flash cards! (We like any one of the numerous online flash card sites better, though.)

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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