What am I missing?
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    Default What am I missing?

    My daughter is officially a K student so we started her off with that curriculum. When I found out she was bored I started just giving her just the tests to see where she was at. This proved that she knew much of what had been presented. She gets through the lessons pretty quickly and wants to do more so I supplement the best I can. The supplemental work that is suggested won't load for us so we haven't use any of that. She is now doing one subject still in the K program but the rest are in 1-3. Guess after looking through everything I am still confused. What am I doing wrong? Is there more meat to the subjects future on? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank

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    Yes, the lessons begin to be more challenging in about third grade. Do keep in mind that very young children need a lot of practice. For example, if you asked your child what 2+2 is, she might be able to respond "4" correctly. But that doesn't mean she never needs to do another worksheet with that math problem on it.

    By "supplemental work", do you mean the printable worksheets or the teacher guides? If neither of those are loading for you, then you are missing a wealth of available material. What happens when you click on them? The teacher guides for kindergarten are actually the little readers, in printable form. My kids loved those "books". You probably just need to update a plugin on your computer to get them to load. Try updating Adobe reader.

    It might sound counter-intuitive, since your daughter is progressing well, but you might also look over some of the pre-k material (especially pre-k 2). Those theme-based lessons are great for review and supplemental work for the k level. If you don't have access to pre-k, just email [email protected] and ask to have it ADDED to your student's dashboard. If you use your parent login to change grade levels, it will REPLACE what you already have, and you don't want that. Here's some info on what's available at the preschool level.

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