Why does my child pretend they don't know things they clearly do know?
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Thread: Why does my child pretend they don't know things they clearly do know?

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    Angry Why does my child pretend they don't know things they clearly do know?

    My child pretends or says he doesn't know things I know for a fact he does! I'll see him do things on his lessons or sometimes he just says/does them on his own. But when Dad or I ask/practice the same exact thing with him he acts like he has no idea what it is! So frustrating!!!

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    There's no way to know for sure, but my kids have tried that when they just wanted me to go away!

    Some students are pretty visual, too. They can do things they can see (i.e. worksheets or computer activities), but have difficulty doing the same things when asked, because that requires use of their ears, instead of their eyes.

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    Mine does the same thing! And like Kelly said I think it's just that he doesn't want to be questioned or put on the spot.

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    you're not alone. The other days she knows everything and is telling me what to do. A pickle for sure. Sure keeps my pride in check though, can not show off what she knows people just have to take my word on it.

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    When a child is acting like they do not know something, but they really do. They are looking to escape, avoid, control or get access to something. When the parent gives attention to the behavior, it only reinforces that when they behave in a certain way they get what they want. When my daughter plays that game, I simply say, "The television will stay off until you figure out the answer." She will come up with the answer in a matter of seconds. If she keeps fiddling around, I walk into the other room and say, "Let me know when your ready." She will then come into the other room and get me and say, "I'm Ready." When I walk to the other room I am ignoring the behavior and giving her the message that she will not get my attention until she acts appropriately. I hope everybody understands my crazy thoughts. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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