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    Default 10 year old, chinese girl, purchase K-12 for homeschooling, HELP !

    I have a ten year old girl who speaks very little English. I have purchased the K-12 homeschooling materials to enroll her into the 3rd grade.
    I am looking for someone who is familiar with homeschooling to help me get started. My wife also speaks very little English so I am basically handling this myself while working a full time job during the day.
    Any support is welcomed !

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    Default Re: 10 year old, chinese girl, purchase K-12 for homeschooling, HELP !

    Hi, Doug. This is a forum made up of parents who are using or are interested in using the Time4Learning curriculum. Usually, the K12 curriculum is not homeschooling. It is online public school, which is VERY different than homeschooling. Many people mistakenly refer to online schools as "homeschooling", because the work is done at home. Homeschooling is not about where the learning takes place. It is about what state laws must be followed and who is directing the child's education.

    If you are using K12 as online public school, you should have a teacher or mentor that can help you. If you simply purchased a curriculum to use to homeschool your daughter, then I suggest you contact the curriculum developer to help you get started with the specific curriculum you own.

    You might be interested in our free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    Good luck to you!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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